Swimrun is about emotion
Swimrun is about camaraderie
Swimrun is about lifelong relationships

SWIM-RUN-VA • October 21, 2017


SwimRVA decided to put together the first ever SWIM-RUN-VA after being humbled and inspired by stories and videos of various Swimrun events from across the world. Otillo style Swimrun is intensely challenging at every level: all the racers, the staff, the media, and the families are pushed to their limits. Participation is not enough. You have to give it all you have- whether you're committed to finishing or to coming out on top as the winners. No one makes it through without being infected by the spirit and soul of Swimrun.


In parts of the world where Otillo style Swimrun has already taken its place as the most popular form of adventure race, the Swimrun community is closer to a tight-knit family than a collection of strangers. The values of the Swimrun community mirror this: to challenge each other, to respect each other, to support each other, and to be unafraid of expressing our emotions to each other. A sport as demanding as Swimrun has no room for anything except unwavering companionship and understanding.


Even as the popularity of Swimrun has been exploding in other parts of the world, this will be one of the first chances many Americans have to challenge themselves to compete in this unique challenge format. The course winds through beautiful Richmond, Virginia, selected by Outside Magazine as the best river town in America, giving racers the opportunity not just to enjoy the physical aspect of competition, but also some truly beautiful scenery.

To see Otillo style swimrun in action, check out these videos from Otillo races in Europe: