Why SwimRVA

SwimRVA Mission: To elevate swimming in the Richmond region making water safety and aquatic fitness more accessible to all.

SwimRVA Vision: Change lives through aquatics.

SwimRVA Promise: We serve as a catalyst for regional aquatics and community-wide focus on water safety, health and fitness, sports tourism, and competitive aquatics.

SwimRVA started as the Greater Richmond Aquatics Partnership (GRAP), a collaboration of five educational and youth sport leaders who share the goal of providing a world class facility in Chesterfield County to act as a regional catalyst for water safety, physical fitness, regional tourism, and competitive swimming.  The partnership built the 54,000 square foot Collegiate School Aquatics Center that is home to the 2008 Olympic Trials pool, along with a secondary instructional pool and a therapy pool for seniors. The facility is the first of its kind in Central Virginia and designed to be a fitness driver for residents in our area and a place for everyone to enjoy the benefits of aquatic wellness.

In the summer of 2014 GRAP changed its name to SwimRVA.  The change was to reflect our drive to become a programmatic entity and advocate for aquatics in the region.  Top advocacy goals:

1. Year round aquatics facility in Church Hill.

2. Create a roadmap for Chesterfield and Hanover to implement learn to swim programming in every elementary school in the respective counties.

3. Increase accessible senior aquatic programming to 1000 participants a week at SwimRVA's CSAC facility and to broadcast the impact to encourage age wave infrastructure demand for accessible aquatic opportunities.

Our top three FY 2016 goals include:

  • Add 5 Chesterfield County schools to the Drownproof Richmond Initiative's Learn to Swim program bringing our total to 18 and the regional total to 54 schools on our way to ensuring every second grade child learns to swim by the year 2020. 
  • Begin the George Wythe High School Swimming Club 
  • Continue to develop community partnerships to serve more than 1000 seniors a week.  
  • Create more than $8 million in economic impact for the region through regional contests.
  • Grow our base of support to 400 donors to our annual fund campaign.

SwimRVA believes in the following core principles to help young children and adults accomplish their goals.  

Program Principles for SwimRunVA Web.png