1. To be able to participate in SWIM-RUN-VA, Richmond you have to race in a team consisting of two persons that are at least 18 years old and able to swim.
    2. Each team member must have valid USA Triathlon insurance.
    3. It is allowed to change one team member of the same gender.
    4. No external sales of your entry/team slot is allowed.
    1. Race Course
      1. Participants must follow the marked course. Participants that do not follow the marked course will be disqualified.
      2. The race course is an open course and in most cases shared with public users. Participants must walk around public users and be respectful of their usage of the park system
    2. Hydration/Food Stations
      1. There will be several aid stations throughout the course and marked on the course map
    3. Checkpoints
      1. There will be numerous timing checkpoints throughout the course.  
      2. Teams failing to pass a checkpoint will be disqualified
    4. Medical Support    
      1. There will be several medical aid stations.  In most cases they will be with the Hydration/Food stations.  They are marked on the course map
      2. Kayak and water rescue support will be on each of the swim sections.
    5. Weather Conditions    
      1. The Race Director has the right to shorten or cancel race at any point if weather or River conditions are not deemed safe.  
    1. General about equipment  
      1. All teams need to bring all their equipment from start to finish.  If a team fails to bring all of their equipment to the finish line, they will be disqualified.
    2. Mandatory Equipment
      1. First aid pressure bandage
      2. Wetsuit for each participant suitable for James River water temperature.  Historically the River temp has varied between 55-70 degrees Fahrenheit (13-21 degrees Celsius).
      3. SwimRunVA will follow the following policy: If the low race day air temperature and low race day water temperature added together is less than 32C, wetsuits will be REQUIRED.  If the low race day air temperature and low race day water temperature is greater than 32C, wetsuits will be optional.
      4. 1 x compass
      5. 2 x whistles, 1 per person
    3. Mandatory equipment that SwimRunVA Richmond Race will supply
      1. Race bibs must be worn visible all the time during the race
      2. Course map
      3. Timing chip 
      4. Swim cap for each participant that must be worn visibly on the head during all the swims
    4. Equipment that is NOT allowed
      1. Floatation help that is bigger than 100 cm x 60 cm
      2. Any motorized equipment
    1. Timing
      1. The time of the race is from when the team passes the start line to when the team finishes the race at the finish line
      2. The team must cross finish line together
    2. Cut Offs
      1. Teams must reach the following points in the designated amount of time in order to continue racing:
        1. Finish Race Leg 4, Run the Rapids        TIME CUT OFF 2.00 HOURS
        2. Finish Race Leg 7, Over the Hump        TIME CUT OFF 4.00 HOURS
        3. Finish Race Leg 10, Round the Rock      TIME CUT OFF 6.00 HOURS
        4. Finish Race Leg 13, Civil War Finish       TIME CUT OFF 8.00 HOURS 
    1. General
      1. The athletes must know the rules and follow them.
      2. The athletes shall respect other athletes, the organization, spectators and any public person they encounter on the race course.
      3. Participants are not allowed to use any unfair method to gain advantage.
      4. Doping is forbidden
      5. Athletes are obliged to help in the case of an emergency if the organization or fellow competitor is asking for it.
    2. Before the race
      1. Athlete can train and scout the course prior to the race as the James River Park System is a public system.  All rules governing use of the park must be observed.
      2. Training recommendations or alerts to course sensitivities will be communicated to athletes via SwimRunVA Richmond Race newsletters.
    3. During the race
      1. The participants are participating at their own risk and cannot hold the organization responsible for any accident during the race.  
      2. Athletes are required to sign participation waiver prior to race day (at online registration).
      3. Teams are obliged to help other teams that have been injured or are sick to the best of their ability.
      4. A team that has abandoned the race shall report it as soon as possible to the race organization.
      5. Participants are not allowed to drop any trash on the race course.  Any team found to have dropped any trash on the course outside the aid station areas, will be disqualified.
  6. RULES
    1. Race Jury
      1. Race jury is the race director and two others from the race organization.
      2. The race jury is used to enforce the rules, decide the outcome of a protest, verify disqualifications, make final decisions regarding course or rules changes.
      3. At least two members of the jury are needed to be able to make a ruling.
      4. The race jury has the right to use “common sense” to make a decision about situations if it is not clear within the rules of the event.
      5. The decision of the race jury is final.
    2. Protests
      1. A protest must be given in writing to the race organization within an hour after finishing the race.
      2. A protest must include the time and location of the incident, team number and signatures of both team members, team number or team name of the team that the protest is against, reason for the protest, witnesses (if applicable).
      3. Protests that do not fulfill all requirements of 6.2.2.
      4. A decision from the race jury will be communicated as soon as possible and decisions will be final.
    3. Disqualifications
      1. Anyone in violation of the rules will be disqualified.
    4. External Assistance
      1. It is not allowed to receive assistance from people other than the race organization or another team in the case of an emergency.  Each team has to make their own way from start to finish.
    1. General safety rules
      1. The two members of each team have to stay together at all times and cannot be more than 10 meters apart on land or 10 meters apart during swim legs.
      2. Athletes shall never be more than 10 meters from the trail or race course at any point.
      3. The race organization can stop a team from continuing if they are not equipped with the required race equipment, or judge them not capable due to fatigue or bad physical condition.
      4. Athletes must always enter water feet first.  Diving is not allowed.
    1. Sponsor Markings
      1. Teams are allowed to have sponsors marked on their race gear.
    2. Race swim caps
      1. Race swim caps cannot be modified in any way and must be worn and visible during all swims.
    3. Race bibs cannot be modified in any way and must be worn at all times.
    4. Athletes give the race organization the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in marketing, press material, internet, television and movie.
    1. By entering the race each team member accepts the rules in full.